"Producing... What Others Just Promise"
Gary Moyle - 2005 Eagle River World Champ
Aboard a Hooper Racing Engines Champ 440
Hooper Racing Champ 440 - Race Ready:  $28,495
Cutting Edge Chassis & Race Engine Package.
****Warning, by purchasing this product you are giving yourself the greatest potential
opportunity to win races.  If you do not like fans cheering for you, publicity,
championships, or your picture taken with trophies... This is NOT for you*****

***Included with Purchase of any 05-06 complete HRE Chassis will be unlimited
Technical Support.  You will be permitted into our own race team hauler and shop
for Q&A and you will be privy to any advances/changes we develop over the
course of the year with our own racing sleds.***

Complete Rolling Chassis (04-05 models):  $11,950 USD
(Champ or Sprint, Any Make)
***Note, Rolling Chassis is not HRE 2006 design, it will be the chassis we've run in the last 4 WC winning

Rolling Chassis Kit Includes:
-All Suspension and Steering Linkage
-Track (not studded)
-Custom side mounted fuel tank with pad
-Titanium shafts
-Chain case w/gears, adjuster and bearings
-Race Skis
-Cooling system
-Hood (ultra-light) 97-99 Cat style
-Belly pan 97-99 Cat style
**Any Item can be omitted and deducted from total price**

Additional Options:

-Arctic Cat / Hooper Engine Package. Complete w/ pipes,
carburetors, and ignition - $6,800 USD
-Complete clutch package (race ready) - $900 USD
-Track studding w/hooker system - $2500 USD (Incl. labor/materials)
-Custom Fabricated Ultra-Light Boss Seat - $400 USD
-Complete Lube System (installed) - $250 USD
-Titanium Bolt Package (Saves 4 lbs.) - $400 USD
-Titanium Front Springs (Saves 1.25 lbs.) - $250 USD
-Wiring harness w/taillight, tether,reg. (installed) - $200 USD *Arctic Only*
-Custom Fabricated Air Box w/ Cover - $100 USD *Arctic Only*

Items not supplied: Handlebars, Clutch Shroud, Foot stirrups, Tail Flap, Windshield

Champ Parts: (Available separately, to all)

Complete Rear Suspension Incl. Aluminum Wheels - $1895 USD
106 Kimpex/Soucy Track (non studded) - $1000 USD
Set of front A-frames - $495 USD
Pair of billet spindles - $1595 USD
Pair of front shocks (no springs) - $475 USD
Custom Lay-Down Magnesium Chaincase w/ Clear Cover & Adjuster - $495 USD
Custom Side-mounted fuel&lube tank - $395 USD